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Welcome to the Doctrine Page.
There are various topics discussed here. Mainly this is a teaching page
(thus "Doctrine" = teaching)
The Truth Behind Cardinal Hosius' Quote Expanded- Material added, including full quotes of all the books cited. Easier to follow where J.M. Carroll compiled his Hosius quote from. This will replace the one above shortly. (4-3-08)
The End Result of an Independent Spirit-I wrote this booklet to answer the question about someone who was struggling with doctrinal problems in a church.
Authentic Details of the Valdenses- This book was purchased from the Rare Book Room at Powell's City of Books in Portland, Oregon, by my friend Leonard Zike. Since it is one of only four remaining volumes in the entire world, he also typed it into PDF format so anyone could read this valuable book on the Wandensian Churches. Please download and enjoy it.
The Prince of Peace- This was the most famous lecture delivered by William Jennings Bryan. This is a rare find, so I am glad to offer it to you. Make sure the young people all read this one.

The King James Bible Articles

New Bible Versions Tested- Dr. S. Frank Logsdon - Dr. Logsdon, a former pastor of Moody Bible Church in Chicago, who wrote the preface to the New American Standard Version, tells why he now repudiates the NASV.



Wedding Covenant Material

Wedding Ceremony- This is the ceremony I perform when I do Covenant Weddings. I do adjust for each couple's desires (concerning songs, lighting of candle, etc.), but the vows and message all stay the same. The message part is from Ephesians 5 and lasts about 15 minutes.


Wedding Covenant- This is a sample document that I use to give the couple. The vows are here and signed, the father's approval is here, and both parents sign also. Please do not try to use this document unless it is properly solemnized under state statute.


Also on the Law Page is the Michigan Compiled Law concerning certain church marriages and who can solemnize them.


‚ÄčRightly Dividing the Word:

Holy Spirit Baptism? - There is no such thing in the Scriptures. Dr. Herb Evans proves that premise defining Scripture with Scripture.

The Local Church- Dr. Herb Evans shows from 1 Corinthians 12:13 that the Universal Church crowd has an incorrect interpretation of this verse.

The Pre-Pentecost Church- Dr. Evans uses only Scripture to show that the "Church" did not start on the day of Pentecost. They were already doing everything long before Pentecost as a church.

The Word "Church" - Dr. Evans simply presents all the usages of Ecclesia in the New Testament. Don't let the Catholic (which means "universal") church theologians change the simple meaning.


When Did Christ Build His Church- Louis Enzminger gives us reasons in the Scripture for an historic Baptist perspective of when the local church started.


Second Coming Helps

Imminent Return - Dr. Evans gives a good, Biblical outline of the doctrine of Imminency.

70 Weeks of Daniel- Here are some helps from Dr. Evans as to how to discern weeks to years in Scripture. Helpful to those who need to explain this to others and helpful to those who just wish to know.

Second Coming - This booklet I wrote was in response to a letter received, asking me what I believed about the Second Coming of Christ. This was my answer.

On the Last Times, The Antichrist, and the End of the World - A message by Ephraem the Syrian, preached in the 4th Century. Four ancient manuscripts have been found of this message. I have underlined parts of significance.

Two Academical Exercises on Subjects Bearing the Following Titles; Millennium, Last-Novelties - This paper, written by Morgan Edwards in 1744 and published in 1778 in Philadelphia, is copied from the Library of Congress Rare book reading room. I read this myself, and concur this is the exact copy I read.

The Apocalypse, When Written, and By Whom - This was written in 1871 by Enoch Pond, Professor at the Theological Seminary in Bangor, Maine.

Biblical Evidence for a 7-Year Tribulation - Preached by B. Lawrence Jones on March 14, 1995. This is a powerful and convincing message.